The right to retaliate

Let us define violence as the deviation from the law, which is now understood to be the contention that all life is sacred. Now, generally, violence is outside the sphere of semiotic analysis; and because the law necessarily entails the use of language or semiosis, violence is in fact the suspension of legality. In the […]

A framework for jurisdiction

As we know the law is the propriety of language, and language is the expression of intellect, or the understanding of unexpressed desires of other life. To be recognized as such, expression of intellect requires confirmation or acknowledgement by a “perceiver” or addressee¬† as a desirable “semeion” or sign, through a certain type of response, […]

A new theory of language

What counts as language is only what is received as language; that is, what has meaning in the physical body as attentiveness. Names are a game Now, although to remain in a uninhabitable place as a defender is to become violent, this does not mean that the threshold of habitability is comparable between living beings; […]

Ma dhun

Sun mere putr tu na ro, Tu na ro are tu na ro; Ma di gallan suna karo, Sun, ma di gallan suna karo; Ma ki puja kiya karo, Ma ki puja kiya karo, Ma di gallan suna karo; Ma ayi abh ma ayi, Na sochon kabh jayegi; Ma ayi abh ma ayi, Na sochon […]

Enforcing the law

Now, adherence to the law, subjection to the law, and enforcement of the law are all distinct intentional moods. Each of these moods implies a different conception of the truth of the law: an adherent knows the law as a safe path through dangerous terrain; a subject knows the law as the discipline of his […]

The threshold of habitability

Now, the habitability of a territory can only be ascertained in two ways: one, as the military leader, by autonomous securitization; the other, as an inhabitant, by linguistic analysis. Why, an inhabitant of a less habitable territory is legally subject to an inhabitant of a more habitable territory only if he seeks greater defense capacity, […]

The castle project

“There is no request I cannot satisfy,” said the king. The man moved his feet slightly on the cool dirt, standing just inside the tent’s entrance. “Your majesty,” began the man, looking at the space above the sultan’s turban, so as to avoid his piercing gaze, and lifting his hand slightly to emphasize his words, […]