Migratory privilege

As has been noted, a migratory privilege results only from the acceptance of compensation by an incumbent of a destination territory. However, regardless of the value of a prospective migrant’s offering, an incumbent has the legal right to refuse gifts on the basis of the justification that any gift would result in a increase in […]

Executionary reactivity

Formal judicial procedure is necessarily definitive of every executive society. A society is only properly so as long as it is a collective that undertakes judicial proceedings; and an execution court, held as part of judicial proceedings, is not separate from society, but rather is its essence, and participation in such a court constitutes formal […]

On sociability

What counts as an expression of pain is ultimately the signalling of involuntary stillness, or inability to move. For this reason, when someone is noticed to be unfairly burdening another without stopping, that person is to be executed without hesitation. One’s expression of satisfaction at witnessing another’s expression of pain is the first clue to […]

A rainforest defense collective

The society that kills is not as intelligent but it is wealthier because it is braver; and intellect that cannot be expressed due to poverty is disadvantageous. The solution is to formally define a society (roster of mothers) whose members are formally protected from execution from within. Members of this society will advance both in […]

The establishment of the law

Although the law is in theory self-enforcing, because every living being must appear to exist, in practice, all living beings are at some distance from the law, that is to say, deviant in some degree. When criminals go unexecuted, they tend to form groups and eventually communities, obviously focused on the acquisition and consumption of […]

The test of manhood

“You used to pick fruit from the trees to feed your father; now you are weary, and you need rest; the son I shall bear for you shall henceforth bring you fruit from the trees, for the rain will fall as the milk leaves my breasts.”