The lost art of genealogy

When the word genealogy comes to mind, most think of family trees and inheritance records. However, the concept and practice of genealogy has implications that run much deeper than the law. In a word, genealogy is about “mom.” Who is your mom? This is the question the genealogist answers for us.

Of course, for most people this question is so trivial as to go unconsidered in everyday discourse. However, it may be that most simply just take the question too lightly. Mom is the source of life; mom is the source of food when we are young. But mom is also the bearer of grief and sorrow when we fail. Mom is the only one who can rightfully require our strength; she is the only one who can judge our character and appearance.

So, in the end, it is the oft-ignored and seemingly shallow question of genealogy, of who mom really is, that should be crowned as the primary aim of philosophy.

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