On wealth

In the last post, we discussed the concept of law. Next, I would like to speak about possession of wealth as a a permanent, irreversible demonstration of legality. There is a field of study known as theology, or the study of the presence of God. According to religion, physical reality is but an ephemeral sensory manifestation of a universal, hidden underlying substance.

By this same token, it is easy to extrapolate that the use of things or objects by people in their everyday lives are chance occurrences; in other words, the use of a thing is a realization, an example, an implementation, an execution of a mysterious and possibly unknowable grand strategy of materialization of immaterial potentiality.

Wealth consists of the acceptance as law of the use of an object by a user. In theological terms, wealth is the extraordinary condition under which the material “manifestation as object” of the immaterial substrate is realized as law by a “manifestation as user” of the immaterial substrate; however, as far as the user-as-legislator is concerned, an object is wealth only so far as it is expected to provide a continued and contiguous sensory experience of itself. Therefore, wealth can be understood as a physical object-as-law.

Thanks for reading.

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