The price of my apology

How much is my apology worth to you? When I hurt you, I lie to you, my friends praise me. They tell me you are evil, that you seek my misfortune. Can you prove otherwise with noble and generous deeds?

Rationally, I can see why you think I owe you an apology. But my gut tells me that the brave warriors who instruct and lead me are much safer to trust with my loyalty and affection.

Sure, I use the land. But in my mind, everyone uses the land. I’ve never seen things happen any other way; people use the land, they survive and procreate, they enjoy themselves. Life is better when things go as planned.

Everything has its place in the world. Everything belongs to a category, and every category specifies a group of objects in reality. Intellectual people use abstract categories to refer to certain “ways of being.”

In the long run, your suffering at my hands matters little. It has all been accounted for in the minds of the great leaders of the world. The use of military force is a last resort for those who refuse to adhere to categories that are prepared for them as a gift for being born on the Earth.

The planet belongs to us; and by us I mean those who enforce the most popular categories by force. Individual emotion has nothing to do with the morality of violence; if you’re not following a plan that has been reviewed and approved by an official leader on the territory where you reside, you are subject to infinite violence without reprieve. Sorry.


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