The castle project

Once upon a time, there was a man who lived in a desert. He dreamed of the rain and of the trees and rivers in the mountains.

His skin was rough and his beard dusty from the sand of the desert. One day, he approached the tent of the tribal chieftain with a request in mind, and with hope and confidence in his heart.

He knew that the chief had many caravans full of food and water, and women to tend the camels & goats. As he brushed the entrance flap out of the way and crossed the threshold of the tent, his mind filled with the thrill of the possibility of his wish being granted by the sovereign.

The chief sat majestically, puffing at his hookah, draped in layers of cool felts and adorned with gold and jewels. On his bearded head was a turban crowned with a shining sapphire.

The man, unsure of his position in the tribal hierarchy, glanced nervously around the room for clues. Suddenly, as if by magic, he noticed a woman in the corner; she was very beautiful, with mysterious eyes, fair skin and long brown hair. Her entire body besides her face and hair was covered in ornately embroidered fabric. She gazed at the man, as if in a trance.

Then, by instinct, the man began to bow to touch the earth in front of where he was standing. However, before he could reach the floor with his hand, the king cried out, “Stop!” and the man froze.

“Your majesty,” said the man. “Who goes there?” the chief asked. “Your majesty,” the man continued, “I have come to make a request.”

(to be continued in a later post)


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