Executive authority

To win a mating contest requires the expression of the anticipation of pain, and is thus effectively to threaten responsibility for deliberate violence, or to invite condemnation. Although a perpetrator of deliberate violence deserves immediate execution, in practice the courage to execute a criminal is very rare. Instead, it is the consensus that one has […]

Main khayal hoon kisi aur ka (lyrics)

Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka, sung by Mehdi Hassan, lyrics by Saleem Kausar (Lyrics copied from http://www.rekhta.org/ghazals/main-khayaal-huun-kisii-aur-kaa-mujhe-sochtaa-koii-aur-hai-saleem-kausar-ghazals-1) maiñ ḳhayāl huuñ kisī aur kā mujhe sochtā koī aur hai sar-e-ā.īna mirā aks hai pas-e-ā.īna koī aur hai maiñ kisī ke dast-e-talab meñ huuñ to kisī ke harf-e-duā meñ huuñ maiñ nasīb huuñ kisī aur kā […]

A system for legitimacy

To permanently implant children at birth with a GPS-trackable and scannable electronic beacon with a uniquely identifying code, would allow us to associate each person’s physical body with a purely logical or mathematical concept. A database of such codes, along with global positioning information, satellite imagery, and biological health monitoring information, would allow us to […]

A chance encounter

This is the story of the most beautiful man, who caused his mother no pain upon exiting her womb. He would eat very little; as a youth, he served his parents with utmost dignity, even though they were poor beggars. He was a faithful friend, caring and kind, always turning others’ minds towards the sky, […]

Cool stuff to buy

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Effective force

What counts as an intention, is a recognition of another’s obligation to sanctify, and force is the actualization of intention; thus force amplification is an understanding of greater obligations, which functions by the display of greater potential physicality. The obligation to sanctify is also the necessity of semiosis, which is also the awareness of one’s […]

On legality

As the ostensibility of anxiolytic intention is a matter of life and death, let us explore the conditions of real ostensibility. What is ostensible is nominally, or theoretically, simply what is shown, but what is shown without being perceived by another does not attain actual, or pragmatic ostensibility. What is considered to be “ostent” is […]