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Effective force

What counts as an intention, is a recognition of another’s obligation to sanctify, and force is the actualization of intention; thus force amplification is an understanding of greater obligations, which functions by the display of greater potential physicality. The obligation to sanctify is also the necessity of semiosis, which is also the awareness of one’s […]

On legality

As the ostensibility of anxiolytic intention is a matter of life and death, let us explore the conditions of real ostensibility. What is ostensible is nominally, or theoretically, simply what is shown, but what is shown without being perceived by another does not attain actual, or pragmatic ostensibility. What is considered to be “ostent” is […]

Asserting the law

What really signifies the experience of pain? Although the right to retaliate does not exist, what is the semiotic proof of the re-appropriation of title that results from the experience of pain? Is it violence to refrain from feeding someone, or at the very least, making food readily available? Only deliberate violence is punishable by […]

On acquisition

Ultimately, the only right to possess something is the fact of possessing it; however, the fact of possession is also the abnegation of entitlement; that is, by possession, one is said to have “expended” one’s entitlement to an object, which upon physical dispossession, must be regained through symbolic abnegation. Then, how is it possible to […]