Basic conditions of territorial security

Attention members of Magpie’s Army: following is a concise description of the three basic conditions of territorial security, to be applied in all security missions heretofore and hereafter. Outward boundary signs In order to be recognized as such, every secured territory must have outward-facing boundary signs. A proper boundary is a physical barrier to entry, […]

NaJa (lyrics)

NaJa by Pav Dharia Ni kurie tu alright Aja baby I won’t bite Lage tu menu sexy Dahi ma jagga all night Karame ni tu murder O pave hove daylight Jagast teri body I fell in love at first sight (Chorus) Kowariyen te soniye te main bhi e kawaaran Chardi jawani hun lutle nazaara Je […]

Guns, guns and more guns

Dear police: don’t attack me. I don’t own any guns in real life. Readers: today I would like to share my top picks for modern, reliable firearms for the home and the road. You could say I’m an enthusiast, though I’ve never handled a firearm (besides a crossbow) in my life. I believe every man […]