Food brand recommendations

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I recommend the following food brands very highly: St. Benoit milk Ceres juice Y.S. Bee honey All of the above brands are available at Whole Foods Market. Advertisements

Marriage certificates

… for sale. My ink is the best, and my paper is the best. Show your friends who you love. $5 only. Not joking. See my contact info in a previous post.

The price of my apology

How much is my apology worth to you? When I hurt you, I lie to you, my friends praise me. They tell me you are evil, that you seek my misfortune. Can you prove otherwise with noble and generous deeds? Rationally, I can see why you think I owe you an apology. But my gut […]

My living arrangements

I live at the following address, but I’m not allowed to entertain guests by the landlady. Please do not visit without calling first: 497 S. 22nd St. San Jose, CA 95116 USA If you’re in town and want to hang out, give me a buzz at +1 (408) 627-2599. — Arun B.

Permaculturists: enemies of life

Disclaimer: all images belong to their copyright holders. Above you see an image of a group of permaculturists posing for the camera during a group gathering. Permaculture is a term invented by a man named “Holmgren” (that’s what I read on Wikipedia). You may be wondering, why is this guy calling out a bunch of […]

The strength of a warrior

“I pray to my mother for truth, and to my father for wealth; I strive to be the soil, the water, and the sun for the tree that bears fruit; I strive to be the flower for the bee that makes honey, and the grass for the cow that gives milk; I owe my life […]

Links to live local news

As a gift to all of my wonderful readers, I have decided to post links to live streams of some of, if not the most reliable local news services here in San Jose, California. Behold: KQED Public Radio Live KGO News Live Stream KRON 4 Newscast Live