Preventing objection

The legal re-appropriation of wealth that follows from the experience of the pain of violence can only follow chronologically, and therefore also logically, from the violent signal, or the cause of pain. Therefore, as concerns the prudent mating club member, the only reliable way to prevent objections as to mate choice outright, rather than to […]

The division of labor

The task of the convener of a mating club can be dissected into several specialized functions. They are as follows: Mapping of territorial centers Naming of territorial centers Identification of central territorial administration buildings Recruitment to central territorial mating clubs Scheduling of mating club meetings Advertisement of mating club meeting times and places Announcement of […]

A mating club protocol

As polygamy is the primary cause of jealous hatred in men, and hatred is a definite precursor to violence, for unexpressed hatred causes pain in the self and expressed hatred causes injury to others, what is needed is a framework for the rational assignment of female mates for males. Such a framework would require the […]

The occasion for the use of language

As the noblest intention for any living being is to uphold the law of the sanctity of life, there is always an occasion for gesture at the premonition of revolt, because the ascertained intention to rebel is a reliable indication of imminent violence. This premonition would result from the recognition of another’s anxiety, and would […]

The right to retaliate

Let us define violence as the deviation from the law, which is now understood to be the contention that all life is sacred. Now, generally, violence is outside the sphere of semiotic analysis; and because the law necessarily entails the use of language or semiosis, violence is in fact the suspension of legality. In the […]

A framework for jurisdiction

As we know the law is the propriety of language, and language is the expression of intellect, or the understanding of unexpressed desires of other life. To be recognized as such, expression of intellect requires confirmation or acknowledgement by a “perceiver” or addressee¬† as a desirable “semeion” or sign, through a certain type of response, […]