A foolproof marriage contract

I offer to all readers of “The Sound of Time” a marriage contract text, written and drafted by myself, for the purpose of securing the faith of a woman by a man for all time starting from the time of proclamation. The contract is meant to be read by a nominee in the presence of […]

“Made of your love” (a song)

I’m made of your love Made of your love My insides are based on your life My insides are based on your life I’m made of your love Made of your love You’re a pattern inside my body You’re a pattern inside my body I’m made of your love Made of your love

“San Jose” (a poem)

I make war on Mexico So I get my shiny bow You ain’t got that Roman face The pope is sitting in his place We don’t smoke no tobacco We only do Cali Gold Ain’t got you no white pussay Y’all gon’ read them books today I sing all the songs ’round hear Y’all just […]

The CPU of the future

… will not have a clock signal generator. Clock signals are entirely superfluous for graphical and logical computation. And this unnecessary clocking circuitry uses a vast amount of electric power in modern computer systems. As computer scientists know, any logical system can be represented by an “FSM” or finite state machine. By that same argument, […]

Achieving peace

As is congruent with the theme of recent posts on this blog, we know that peace can be achieved through legislation. Now, as objects on the earth and those who use them both fall under the auspices of jurisdiction, the question arises of the settlement of disputes of legal claims; the person-as-legislator makes claims, and […]

On arms control

The object of arms control should be to limit the possession of weaponry to those with noble intentions, and not to limit the manufacture of weapons outright. Arms proliferation is only a problem because people use arms to commit crimes, such as robbery or genocide. There are certain types or groups of people who obviously […]